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October 2005 - Posts

If you've seen the BBC Spooks series, you might want to look at this.
China - Microsoft and Thoughtworks

I see some of the Avalon controls are being produced in China. ThoughtWorks is also into China these days - Fowler and A New Beginning. You can kind of understand ThoughtWorks being in China, since they already have an Indian offshore site.  I'd be cucious to know if the ThoughtWork China office is servicing local companies or being used as an offshore site.

On the Avalon controls front, I'd be interested to know if the reason China was chosen was due to costs, or lack of resources in Redmond?  I believe Microsoft has moved quite a lot of .NET work to its Indian office over recent years, again probably due to costs.

FX Auctions
Possibly the ebay of the FX world
Legacy Code

Based on Eric's review, I'm tempted to buy Working Effectively with Legacy Code. The C++ I'm having to interact with at the moment would definately be classified as 'legacy' - with big classes a feature of the codebase.

A colleague pointed me at EMPRES today - given the movement toward Europe, its probably a site worth watching.

Project 2003 Tool: Scrum Solution Starter
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Google Reader
Have to agree with Jason, its painfully slow, lets hope its resolved soon.
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Microsoft Grid

There are a few articles on the web this week about Microsoft up and coming grid software (here and here).  It's interesting to see that Microsoft appears to be going after the data grid sector rather than the classic compute grid. Lets hope Tony helps Microsoft get the next version of their Compute Cluster Solution out the door sooner rather than later, since the cluster of clusters and management enhancements sound a lot more interesting than the initial release. For HPC bloggers, check out VolkerW.

Update:  Given that Sun, DataSynapse, Platform etc all have grid solution, Microsoft is definitely starting from the back of the pack.  From an investment banking perspective, almost every major tier-1 bank created its own cluster-compute-grid application during the last 10 years.  With a number of these tier-1 investment banks having already migrated from their home grown solution to commercial grid software its hard to envisage a bank migrating again to Microsoft's Compute Cluster Solution.  If we assume there are a few Microsoft centric investment banks still with home grown grids, then Microsoft should be able to sell their product in a few investment banks - maybe its an opportunity for a financial consultants to team up with Microsoft ;) - the Scobleizer way of suggesting ideas.

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What it is, and screen shots

Its a small world
Over the last week I came across David's site while googling for something on STL - I knew David back in the mid 90's when he worked for Object Designers Ltd at an investment bank.  Today I see that Rachel is going to work on SPOTS - I recently met John who also works on SPOTS.
Vista PDC build 5219

Meant to blog this a while ago.  The PDC build still doesn't work properly on my Compaq.  The internal network card still isn't picked up, and there is no Longhorn Display Driver Mode (LDDM) driver for the machine either :( Not happy.

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