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Moving to WordPress

If WordPress is good enough for Scobleizer, then its probably worth the move. I'm over here now.

Business Cards

Since Finetix is currently re-designing their business cards, maybe they should get Scobleizer involved in the process :)

Microsoft doesn't get TDD
Via Sam.
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Orcas - Visual Studio 2007

Blogged by Somasegar who runs Microsoft's Developer Division.

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Must Read MSDN Magazine Articles

The last few issues of MSDN Magazine have had a number of excellent articles that in my view are must reads for all .NET developers


Eurekster blog on swicki

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I see that the BBC and XBox both use Skinkers, and now the sports betting industry is beginning to use the software.  Wonder if any investment banks use it? - London Stock Exchange uses it for internal communication.
Sam's War Room

Sam's been blogging about his pure agile team recently.  This weekend he posts about his War Room.

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Another Sprint, Another Release - we're on the Grid
Yesterday saw the end of another sprint, and a milestone for the current project.  We finally managed to get the Informix drivers installed on the UAT grid, followed by a release of the pricing service.  This was a major step forwards - it feels like we are on the home straight now.  Moving from a custom in-house cluster environment to a commercial grid application has been "interesting" - possible the most diplomatic word I could use.  Its been challenging to migrating the C++ codebase together with the replacement of specific services to Java.
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Microsoft admits .Net skills shortage

Sorry but Mark Quirk at Microsoft is behind the times on this one.  From what I have seen, there has been a shortage of .NET software engineers for the last few years, and it's not getting any better.  I suggested a long time ago that Finetix should begin to train .NET developers, since our clients appear to have an appetite for these resources.  I'd also point out that paired programming has a lot of advantages in the training/knowledge transfer arena.

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Rally finally starts blogging agile
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