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LINQ.Flickr 1.3

Just released another version of LINQ.Flickr. The release is out with several bug fixes, code optimization, new feature and overall mocking support. I have used Typemock for the unit test of the product. In coming posts, I will show how powerful mock can be in faking routine like upload photo. But, you can dig it right away, if you go by the release page and download a copy of the product. Truly speaking, testing was never fun for serviced API till mock engine is at my hand.

The release is not all about re-factoring and mocking , but now you can query, add , delete photo comment , query people and popular tags and do more that are mentioned in the release page.

Now, doing complex query is even more fun. lets take this.

var query = from photo in _context.Photos
where photo.Id == photoId && photo.PhotoSize == PhotoSize.Medium
select new FlickrPhoto
    Id = photo.Id,
    Description = photo.Description,
    Title = photo.Title,
    Url = photo.Url,
    User = photo.User,
    Comments = ((from comment in _context.Photos.Comments
                 where comment.PhotoId == photoId
                 select new PhotoComment
                     Author = comment.Author,
                     AuthorName = comment.AuthorName,
                     PermaLink = comment.PermaLink,
                     PhotoId = comment.PhotoId,
                     Text = comment.Text,
    Tags = photo.PhotoTags.Select(tag => tag.Title).ToArray<string>()
FlickrPhoto newPhoto = query.Single();

The query is about getting the photo info for a specific photo id and I have now combined it with tags, comments to make it more useful. Also, few posts back, I have mentioned about using a RestToCollecitonBuilder  to build an object on REST response,  it is in action in this release as well.

Finally, don't forget the link and it's . In the end, this project is not about querying Flickr and getting photo out of it, but it could be a great learning tool for Mocking, for building custom LINQ provider (with LinqExtender) and other things that you might need to know like, how to define a service endpoint by interface.

Enjoy :-)

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Posted: May 05 2008, 02:33 AM by mehfuzh | with 2 comment(s) |
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superjason said:

Very cool example of using LINQ!

# May 7, 2008 10:38 AM