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  • LinqExtender 1.4.2 - Supporting Complex type arguments

    I just made a quick update to the existing release of LinqExtender. I recently found a bug while building a feature for FlickrXplorer is that if you use constant type query with orderby clause it does pretty well, but it simply does not do well with complex ones. I have used the same logic that I have used for where clause arguments. Also, it will be out of the scope for this post to drill it down all the LinqExtender logic fort hat. But I would put a brief overview on it that can help you out while building your own IQueryable implementation.

  • Using jQuery to do Ajax Form posts in MVC

    It is now official from a post by great Scott Guthrie that jQuery is bundled with MVC Beta. jQuery is a tiny 15K JavaScript library that contains features from UI tweaks, DOM manipulation to full Ajax control. In my last post, I have shown how to get going with Ajax.Form using Microsoft MVC Ajax library. In this post, I will show how to do Ajax form posts with jQuery but in Ajax.Form style.