Athena - A LINQ to flickr API (Release 1.4)

Last week, I released a new version of, which I named as Athena from release 1.4. It covers few features from flickr service, also now I have updated it with the latest LINQExtender (pre release version)  containing updated Object Tracking Service (OTS) that will enable it to update photos and comments as if like LINQ to SQL.

First of the interesting features that most others asked me to implement is the Extras support, with this you can get additional information about your photos by querying with Extras enum.

var query = (from photo in context.Photos
            where photo.SearchText == "Redmond" && p.Extras == (ExtrasOption.Views 
| ExtrasOption.Date_Taken | ExtrasOption.Date_Upload)
            select photo).Skip(0).Take(10);

This will return 10 photos contains word "Redmond", additionally it will have Photos.Views , Photos.TakeOn and Photo.UploadedOn that user might find useful. The extras options is provided by flickr and it has options like GEO, tags , etc.

Athena , now covers two new endpoints. and

Comment comment = (from c in context.Photos.Comments
where c.Id == "1234"
select c).Single();
comment.Text = "This is a updated comment.";

This will update the comment for me. Notice that it tracks the object for update and automatically fires the appropriate method to do the update. It comes as  a part of enhanced LinqExtender  OTS which I will describe a bit more in other post about how to implement it.

Finally, the easy authentication method that I already described in my previous post, take a look at that as well. Also, the coming update will have photo set support and watch out for that as well. There are few new development updates like one click test and deployment package creation with NAnt that lets me update my app with the latest source without running IDE and test program. There are also a lot of re-factors and performance enhancements that makes the API more stable.

That's it. Enjoy and file me bugs!!

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