Kigg, a cool new MVC application

My good buddy Kazi Manzur Rashid has made out a cool project named Kigg , it looks like DotnetKics but even more powerful than Digg  :-) . But its shows a nice way of harnessing the power of MVC (comes as a part of 3.5 Extensions).

The project is live at


You can even  download the project source and play around it from .

So far, to me it looks like the best starter-kit for developing MVC applications.

Enjoy !


  • The another interesting part I found in the project .You can explore how to use AJAX together with Asp.Net MVC from the Kigg.

  • Yes, indeed!

  • Thanks Mehfuz for promoting it.

  • Hi,
    Any tutorials are available about installation and getting it working on VWD ( Visual Web Developer )
    This would be of very important for students learning such type of projects for the first time.
    Are there any plans to convert standard Classified Starter Kit ( Now available on downloads) to Asp.Net MVC .
    Real Life examples like KIGG would do wonders. How about starting Classified Project and making it work.
    Just my 2 cents. I am keen to work on such projects

  • @WebReservoir:

    You can check the following article to configure the VWD for ASP.NET MVC.

    We have published the first part of the multipart series article on Developing Kigg, you will it in the following location:

    I am not sure about the Classifieds Starter Kit as we are not the owner. But it will also be a good starting point for learning ASP.NET MVC. Pls Contact the Owner if they are interested enough to convert it.

  • Writing provider is alwasy fun, but its even easy with LinqExtender.

    Wrtitng provider for this app, not really but his app is a worth mention :-)

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