[New Article] Creating custom LINQ provider using LinqExtender

First of all happy new year, secondly my new article is just published at Dotnetslackers. This explains the detail of creating custom LINQ providers using Linqextender.

You can check that out at http://dotnetslackers.com/articles/csharp/CreatingCustomLINQProviderUsingLinqExtender.aspx

Moreover, I would like to add some tiny enhancements to the extender.

1. All the extender descendant can now do something like.

var query = (from q in _queryContext
             orderby q.LastUpdated descending
             select new { q.Id, q.Title, q.LastUpdated }).Take(1);
int count = query.Count(); 
2. OpenLinqToSql, which is a part of Linqextender, now, supports SQLCE database.
3. Easy OnError event for exception trapping.

In the end, there are plenty of things that needs to done and to be told, but the article explains exactly how to get started and create a provider in no time. Please take a look , and if possible give some votes.

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