Hello World!

This is the first post to my newly created weblog hosted at www.asp.net (many thanks to Joe Stagner for setting this up for me), which I'm migrating from my existing site www.multividea.com. So I'll start with an introduction; I'm Mel, I've been working with various Microsoft web technologies over the years including classic ASP, ASP.NET and have most recently started working with Sharepoint 2007 and Windows Sharepoint Services. I mostly make posts to share problems and solutions I encounter whilst working on projects for my current employer.

I also recently got inspired to start getting stuck in with some SilverLight 1.0 after attending Microsoft Mix: UK 07 and listening to various seminars by Scott Guthrie, so this is also something I would like to start blogging about regularly as I get further into it.

So thanks for reading, hopefully you will find this site a valuable resource and I'm happy to answer any comments on the upcoming posts.

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