Training is Hard to Get

One of my goals this year, is to earn my MCSD for .NET, however training in the Central IL area is very spotty, and damn near impossible to get.  I recently signed up for 2710: Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures through Levi, Ray, & Shoup (LRS), and I was just informed today that my class had been cancelled due to the lack of interest.  What am I? Am I not interested?

This just reminds me of when a co-worker went through LRS earlier this year for some training, and he got a one-on-one training course only because they forgot to cancel the class.  Lucky him, I guess...but still, why do they need to cancel classes when you have at least 1 interested person trying to further educate themselves.  If you started a public school, and only had 1 kid, would you turn them away because you're class wasn't large enough? No, because that kid would not get the education he or she needs.  Why is this any different?

I'm really not pleased with LRS right now about this, and as such I may have to go to Peoria or Chicago to actually get my least in Chicago they assure you're class won't get cancelled.  Which, unfortunately means that its going to cost me/my company more $$ to send me off to training.  Oh well, its all for the good of me, right?  LRS doesn't think so.


  • Cancelling classes when there isn't enough interest is standard practice, I'm afraid.

    It's a business and most trainers are contractors - so running a class with not enough interest costs the training business money.

    A bummer sure, but understandable.

  • Yeah, I realize that, its just a shame, though.

  • Oh, I wouldn't advise going on training for this exam.

    It's supposed to be based on experience, rather than knowledge, so if you've been building systems for any length of time, then you should be fine.

  • Ehh, my companies paying for it, and it gets me out of work for a week. I've not really led projects, so I just want to get that aspect of things. It'll also allow me to gauge my knowledge of the information.

  • Valid point, however I'd like to know the information, not just know the information to pass. There may be some point in my future where I won't be doing MS related projects, and having that experience is a good thing. I'm only 22 :), so I got a lot of time ahead of me.

  • If you cannot find that course perhaps you can try the MSF course, that covers most parts of the exam.

    Then you have to know a little bit of ORM, some UML and a little bit about class and database design...

    Hope it helps!

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