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Published 28 June 04 09:30 AM | mhawley

My good friend Jeff read my latest review on VisualBlogger 2004, and made a comment stating I should do this on a more professional basis. Hmm, not a bad idea. I think I may start doing this, however I promise not all of my reviews will be bad...if I find something I like, I'll make a note of it.

So, I guess I'll thrown out this statement, if you've got a utility or tool that you want reviewed, I'll be your man. Just shoot me an email, and we can discuss logistics. In the meantime (and my downtime), I'll start hunting around for those useful tools.

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# Sonu Kapoor said on June 28, 2004 03:09 PM:

You could also try to contact some book publishers or software vendors like Microsoft to do some reviews. I did many when I lived in Germany.

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