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Heading to Nebraska
27 September 04 09:58 AM | mhawley | 3 comment(s)

I'll be heading to Nebraska this afternoon for a few days on a business trip. So, I will probably have limited contact with the outside world. I'll be back on Thursday, so I'll attempt to get caught up at that point.

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Unleash It - Beta Testers Wanted
27 September 04 09:57 AM | mhawley | 2 comment(s)

Well, after a disaster of a release last week, I've fixed the problem of using VS.NET project files as your source and Directory as your destination. I think that it's come to the point where I need a set of good beta testers. Unleash It has grown to the point where this is needed now, as the last 2 releases have shown it.

So, if your interested in becoming a beta tester for Unleash It releases, shoot me an email using the contact form to the left. Your peers and I will graciously appreciate your generosity to testing and finding bugs in one of the best deployment tools out there.

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Updated Utility: Unleash It 2.1.1
24 September 04 04:58 PM | mhawley | 6 comment(s)

I've released a new version of Unleash It that fixes multiple problems that people were having. Most notably, exclusion of folders when a VS.NET project was the source was not possible. After re-working the code, this is now possible along with being able to view the files / folders to be deployed dialogs.


  • Added support for displaying folders / files to include for VS.NET Project Files as the source.
  • Added ability to name your FTP profiles.
  • Added checking to see if Unleash It is currently running during installation / uninstallation.
  • Fixed error when parsing a file mask with an underscore.
  • Fixed the logfile button being enabled after a deployment when that profile isn't using logging.
  • Fixed mis-spelling of "changed" in the logfile for FTP deployment.
  • Fixed directories not being excluded during a VS.NET Project deployment.

So, head on over to to get your latest copy!

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Attending HDC '04
24 September 04 03:38 PM | mhawley | with no comments

I just signed up to attend HDC '04 located in Des Moines, IA this coming December. Its going to be a long 4-5 hour trip, but I think it'll all work out since I'll be able to network with all you other geeks out there. If you're heading out too, make sure you attend the party Thursday night...maybe we could meet up and chat!

BTW, how can you pass up the registration fee, its 18 fricking bucks! I figure between hotel costs and gas, I'll spend (err, my company) about $300 bucks. Not too shabby.

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TiVo Beats ReplayTV
21 September 04 02:16 PM | mhawley | with no comments

In the most bizarre article, engineers of the Good Housekeeping Institute tested both TiVo and ReplayTV. What did they find? Well, they found both work great, but the engineers (who do this for a living, I might add) had to call ReplayTV twice for technical support.

On an unrelated matter...

Oh, wait...this isn't the article...

Updated Skin, Again
20 September 04 03:11 PM | mhawley | 1 comment(s)
I took some more time this afternoon and updated my skin some more. Just did some color changes and a bit of attempted layout change. Let me know what you orange my color?
Coining a New Term
16 September 04 03:38 PM | mhawley | 1 comment(s)

I'm currently sitting in a SQL Server 2005 technical overview webcast, and I just coined a new term.


What it basically means, is those that spend most of their day in Visual Studio .NET, no matter what version. I decided this was a good name due to the "tight integration" of SQL Server 2005 within future versions of Visual Studio .NET and the fact that our SQL Developer will be spending more time in VS.NET, like the rest of us, next year.

Are you a VS.NET Head?

Get your Bloggers List Back! (on /
16 September 04 01:48 PM | mhawley | 3 comment(s)

I just noticed that the main pages have been updated with links to listings of bloggers. For instance, has 3 links, "Microsoft Bloggers", "Non-Microsoft Bloggers", and "All Bloggers" whereas has a link called "Blog Lists". What these are, are actually the non-truncated listing of blogs on each community site. This (I assume) is to replace the HUUUGE listing of bloggers down the side of the main feed site. It even comes with a nice listing of the descriptions too :)

I tell ya what else would be nice:

  • Display # of posts along with Last Updated
  • Change "LastUpdated" to be actually "Last Updated" in the listing <-- Picky aren't I
  • Be able to sort this listing by (asc / desc for all):
    • Blog name
    • Username
    • Last updated
    • # of posts

How about it  Community Server :: Blogs team?

New Blog Skin
16 September 04 11:36 AM | mhawley | with no comments

I decided it was time to apply a new blog skin, as David pointed out, "Lighty" just doesn't render correctly in Firefox. I think it would be cool if more skins would appear for, or we can upload our own, yeah that would be cool.

Update: I forgot the wonderful world of being able to override CSS elements. Wahoo! Now I can take the current skin and modify it to what I want :)

Firefox 1.0PR, Half the Way There!
16 September 04 11:22 AM | mhawley | 1 comment(s)

No, I'm not talking about their browser only being half the way there, I'm talking about their goal of 1 million downloads in 10 days. I can't believe that in only a mere 2 days, over 500,000 estimated downloads have of Firefox 1.0PR have taken place. At this rate, I think they'll reach the 1 million mark by day 5.

Go Firefox Go! BTW, if you've not downloaded Firefox, I'd suggest doing so, it is by far becoming my primary browser both at home and at work.

Get Firefox!

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