WikiPlex – An Embedded Wiki Engine
16 July 09 06:29 PM | mhawley | 1 comment(s)

I’d like to introduce you to WikiPlex, which is CodePlex’s wiki engine that we have re-written and made open source under the MS-PL license. I’m also happy to announce that our first public release is now available! Read more about WikiPlex here!

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MEF + Factories Using an Export Provider
29 November 08 05:29 PM | mhawley | with no comments

Taking a different approach to resolving factory exports within MEF by using an ExportProvider (new in preview 3 drop) over using a part catalog. This approach ultimately leads to a cleaner and simpler solution. Read more …

MEF + Factories
28 November 08 08:13 PM | mhawley | with no comments

Lately I've been really digging into MEF and have been looking at it's pros & cons, ease of use, extensibility, and the simple DI container that it can provide. I'm not going to give an overview of MEF, as others have done so already. What I am here to show off is a concept that may prove useful for some applications. Many of us use a DI container in very simplistic ways, as well as registering injection strategies during type resolution. Read more …

ASP.NET MVC Preview 4 Finds
17 July 08 07:53 AM | mhawley | with no comments

I’ve went through the ASP.NET MVC Preview 4 source and found some interesting finds that will help you do work more easily. These 6 finds are just the tip of what I’m sure is included in this drop. (Read more…)

Plea for Help: WCF 404 Error
07 June 08 03:32 AM | mhawley | with no comments

I’m putting out a plea for help. For some odd reason, we have a WCF service (running in IIS 6) that’s using streaming and BasicHttpBinding that will return a 404 error message every time it’s called from our client. Hitting the same URL on the box itself through IE renders the WSDL just fine. If you have seen this issue, please contact me. We’ve been struggling with this issue and have yet to find a resolution. BTW, it works great on another web server that is configured the same, and we’ve looked at all of the verbose logs WCF can give us. Ultimately, we’re seeing the message being sent from the client, and a 404 in the IIS log, but nothing on the server logging. Thanks!

MVC Post-Redirect-Get Sample Updated
06 June 08 01:30 AM | mhawley | 1 comment(s)

ASP.NET MVC Sample for using the Post-Redirect-Get pattern updated to the MVC Preview 3 bits. Showcasing some newer functionality that makes the pattern more simplistic.(Read more…)

Using SubDataItems and View User Controls in ASP.NET MVC
04 June 08 06:07 PM | mhawley | with no comments

Learn how to use the new SubDataItems within the ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 bits with your View User Control. Also explains a small patch to the framework to get this to work correctly. (Read more…)

RedirectToAction Nasty Bug in ASP.NET MVC Preview 3
03 June 08 05:07 AM | mhawley | with no comments

Find out about a nasty bug identified using certain routing schemes and RedirectToAction, and what workarounds you have. (Read more…)

Lambda Based RedirectToAction Sample Updated to MVC Preview 3
30 May 08 02:42 AM | mhawley | with no comments

Utilizing Lambda expressions, make the RedirectToAction method much easier to use, read, and refactor! This update took the original sample and it now works with the MVC Preview 3 bits. (Read more...)

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ViewData "dot" Notation Expressions in ASP.NET MVC
29 May 08 01:53 PM | mhawley | with no comments

Here's something very cool I just found in the ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 bits, you can specify, what I call, "dot" notation expressions on your view data. With the new ViewDataDictionary you can now use the "dot" notation expressions to get access the same value as using the safely typed Model. (Read More...)

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