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Just found out that Visual Studio 2008 is released on MSDN!

 More info at ScottGu's blog (as usual):

It´s now possible to add a Windows Live Messenger control to your blog.

For more info about how to implement it, please check this out:

ANNOUNCMENT: Windows Live Messenger IM Control & Presence API - conversations from Web to Client & querying presence

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The first CTP of Microsoft Powershell 2.0 is out!

It doesn´t work very well with Vista RTM, so install SP 1 before you try to install it.

Features in Powershell 2.0 CTP:

  • PowerShell Remoting
  • Graphical PowerShell
  • ScriptCmdlets
  • Restricted Runspaces
  • RunspacePools
  • Background Jobs
  • Data Language
  • Script Internationalization
  • Script Debugging
  • 24 New Cmdlets
  • Parser Tokenizer API
  • New PowerShell Hosting APIs
  • Metadata APIs for Command and Parameters

    Download Powershell 2.0 CTP
    What´s new?

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  •   The first PopFly Explorer Beta is finally released. It supports Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions and higher.


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    More information:

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