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  • Use HTML5 forms in ASP.NET MVC

    With the release of ASP.NET MVC 2 we got support for DisplayTemplates and EditorTemplates, which make it possible to create custom forms for the edit views. With this feature, we can easily take advantage of the new input fields in HTML5 such as date, color, email etc.

  • Generate CSS Sprites in ASP.NET

    Something that is very common on websites is small images that is used to make links and other things look better. These small images is either added as a background image for the link, or as a separate image. When you load these images, they are requested and downloaded separate. Since the browser only make a small number of requests at once, it can take a while before all images is loaded on the page. To solve this, you can use CSS Sprites.

  • Use Razor for T4 Templates

    Razor, the new ASP.NET MVC View Engine from Microsoft, makes it possible to write much cleaner views for our ASP.NET MVC sites. But since the code is so clean, why not use it in other places? Gustavo Machado have written a great blog post where he uses the open APIs to write a console application that can compile Razor views without the need of IIS.