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RESTFul Ruby on Rails Resource for ASP.NET MVC ideas

I've been feverishly adapting and experimenting with the ASP.NET MVC Framework since the very first CTP.  I must admit, it keeps getting better with every release.  This past week was the official BETA release and I'm loving it.

It has been a challenge for developers new to the concepts of MVC to find reference samples to help architect MVC web applications.  For this, I've suggested to look towards more mature MVC frameworks such as Ruby on Rails for common patterns in MVC applications.  RoR is not difficult to read and you'll certainly be able to follow the program logic.  I've HIGHLY recommend you take a look at this white paper exploring RESTFul Rails and then see how you can apply it to ASP.NET MVC.

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shiju said:

Hi Mike,

Thanks for providing the link.

# October 21, 2008 12:21 AM