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  • Blogging for Project Management

    I really like this idea.
    Joel and I recently worked on a project where we got in the habit of emailing the team regularly throughout the day with a quick note about what we were doing, or any problems. 
    I like the idea of the team members on a single blog, perhaps with Categories if the project was big enough. 
    Alas, I have my doubts that this would be accepted by my workplace. 

  • CQL.NET - it compiles and runs, SHIP IT!

    I managed to get through a set of CQL queries parsed and output and at first blush they seem to be correct. Next week or on the weekend I will see about comparing the XCQL output of my parser and of course the BER encoded string too (yuck).


    So today I am continuing work on porting a Java CQL library to C#. Yesterday I got a version to compile with no errors, and even made it more .NET-ish by implementing IFormattable in the parser class so I can just use .ToString(”CQL” | “BER” | “XCQL”) to render the query to a string. There's still a ton of code in there that is obviously not .NET-like.