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A pseudo-listener for AlwaysOn Availability Groups for SQL Server virtual machines running in Azure
31 July 13 10:47 PM | MikeD
I am involved in a project that is implementing SharePoint 2013 on virtual machines hosted in Azure. The back end data tier consists of two Azure VMs running SQL Server 2012, with the SharePoint databases contained in an AlwaysOn Availability Group. I...
Query Logging in Analysis Services
31 July 13 09:32 PM | MikeD
On a project I work on, we capture the queries that get executed on our Analysis Services instance (SQL Server 2008 R2) and use the table for helping us to build aggregations and also we aggregate the query log daily into a data warehouse of operational...
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SQL Table stored as a Heap - the dangers within
30 April 10 11:55 AM | MikeD | 5 comment(s)
Nearly all of the time I create a table, I include a primary key, and often that PK is implemented as a clustered index. Those two don't always have to go together, but in my world they almost always do. On a recent project, I was working on a data warehouse...
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SSIS Bulk Insert task that bit me in the butt...
02 October 09 12:22 PM | MikeD
I've been working on SSIS packages that extract data from production databases and put them into data warehouses, and recently I hit an issue using the Bulk Insert task that bit me real good. When you create a Bulk Insert task in the control flow of your...
SQL Database diagramming and VSTS Data Dude
28 July 09 07:14 PM | MikeD
At Imaginet, we use Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (Data Dude) on our projects to manage database schemas, keep them in source control, unit testing, and lots of other nice features. But it doesn't do database models well. Or at...
MS BI Conference: Monday Keynote
06 October 08 08:31 PM | MikeD
Here are my notes on the Monday morning keynote: About 3000 attendees at the conference, over 60 countries represented. There is BI in Halo3: whenever you look at competitor stats or weapon effectiveness, this is implemented using BI tech Madison - MS...
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14 December 06 12:58 PM | MikeD | 1 comment(s)
Swivel has been called "YouTube for Data". Very cool. Who will be the first to post their Team System productivity data? How about some kind of SQL Server connector to Swivels?
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