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  • Increasing User Handle and GDI Handle Limits

    Have you ever been working with a good number of applications at once? Are you a naturally born multi tasker? Alright, answer me this - who has had Windows buckle under the weight of all of these applications and display error messages stating that the system is out of memory or out of resources, buttons and menus do not work correctly, or you get an error sound but no message on the screen? I’ve hit this numerous times, to the point that I’ve lost work because of it…

  • Display Machine Details on Windows Server Login

    If your like me you develop in multiple servers. Using Terminal Services is a easy way to move through these servers remotely and with ease. Often I have 6 or more Remote Sessions open at one time. This as you can well imagine can get very confusing. I got to the point I felt I needed better way to brand my Desktop sessions. I tried wallpaper which by the way works well also. However this trick works as a supplement to the wallpaper trick.This registry edit will add text to the login string on the login after you hit "ctrl alt delete" giving you a chance to identify the machine in case you get confused.