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I have developed multiple E-Commerce sites (Mostly using a home grown Paypal /Verisign gatewayPayPal). However I am always forgetting the format of some of these wrong so here is the test credit card numbers:

  • AmericanExpressAmerican Express: 3111-1111-1111-1117
  • VisaVisa: 4111-1111-1111-1111 or 4222-2222-2222-2222
  • masterCardMasterCard: 5111-1111-1111-1118 
  • DiscoverCardDiscover: 6111-1111-1111-1116


Your CCV number and Name should not matter. Stay below $500 dollars as well make sure your date is not today but in the future.




Name:Homer J. Simpson

Expiration Date: 0110

Amount: $486.65

Hope this helps. Enjoy.


I have been coding using Microsoft technologies for a long while. Recently I was given the chance to do a little bit of web mastering. Due to my system admin background I was most definitely game for this.

Learning IIS 6.0 was not a huge leap as I had done a lot of development using IIS5.1(Windows XP Professional); however I had not as yet used Host headers in IIS (IIS 5.1 only allows for one site. I will post about that later.). This was a learning experience (Don’t even get me started on the issue of multiple SSL sites or web gardens).


I was doing some trail blazing while coming up with a build document to track my progress and to double check all my configurations. I highly recommend this process due to it has saved my bacon multiple times.

Uploaded all the sites and got the host headers configured correctly and moved the SSL (Secure Socket Layer)certifications over to the virgin IIS server when I noticed that not all my sites were happily working. Rendering was slow and some were just crashing. Crap time to take out the build document and rehearse my steps.

Getting through all the steps and all seemed fine. I could not find a reason my sites were acting all sorts of funky and the server processes were pegged out (running at 100%). I stressed and then went to my friend Google for some answers. I found some interesting little applications to monitor and test your sites.

IISReporter Cool little app to see how many people are logged in as well as a log viewer.

IISTrafficMonitor Another great application for watching real time traffic as well as a log viewer *may add extra cpu cycles*

IIS Web Application Stress Tool Just like the name implies it stresses your web applications

LoadRunner Add web traffic load to see what you Server(IIS) can handle. Before it all comes crashing down.

Web Application Stress Tool Another great Stress tool.

The rest are Microsoft utilities for your disposal.

IIS Diagnostics Toolkit 

IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools

Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools

Creating Stress Tests for Web Applications

WCat Web Capacity Analysis Tool

These tools are guaranteed to help you in testing your server as well as your applications.







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As you all know I have been working hard writing, eating and bleeding commerce server 2007 for the past year.

One thing I could never get past was why I could not do a site cache refresh from the untitled tools provided with commerce server 2007. The tools that are provided are what you would call management tools (mostly well written web services.). Within these awesome tools is a cool little button called refresh. It’s sole purpose is to refresh the catalog,user base and or discounts without killing the database or web site. Killing I mean using IISReset to well reset or reboot the IIS server.


Well when clicking on the refresh button I would get an error mostly consisting of a 401.1 error with a little bit of information.

With frustration due to this error I went on a long quest using multiple search engines and lots of home time studying reasons this one function was failing to no avail. The forums at MSDN told me I was crazy and that it would work. Even got into a bit of a forum fight (you know those types of fights geeks have about which star wars series is better. 1970’s or 199x-200x (nothing physical just funny)). I had given up thrown in the towel other than using a url to do my site cache refreshing (only with service pack 1 installed mind you).

Due to the whole quest thing I found a lot of commerce server developers with blogs and subscribed to them.

A great blogger  Ravi Kanth  posted this on his blog on September 8th 2008:

“Cannot refresh commerce server cache when using host headers

Commerce server cache refresh through URL will not work if you are using host headers in your web site. You may receive IIS 401.1 error when you try to access the site.

The problem is not due to Commerce server but this issue occurs if you install Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1). Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1 include a loopback check security feature that is designed to help prevent reflection attacks on your computer. Therefore, authentication fails if the FQDN or the custom host header that you use does not match the local computer name.Click below link and do the changes suggested by this article.

He goes further to describe why and how to do a work around.

Please Commerce Server 2007 team – Max Akbar (link love to Max when he fixes this) Please fix this.

















this is posted from windows mobile y.

Too Many cooks in the kitchen. When is too many developers one project a bad idea?

So I had the chance to meet with some friends the other day.AgileCrapDevelopement Of course they work as developers like me. They work for one of those companies with allot of money to throw at a web site (a == 1). I found it interesting having 20 developers writing code for a web site. They called it Agile programming or Extreme Programming (Developer Humping). The reason I  called it this was as they (my friends) described agile as two developers sit in a cubicle(but of course no office unless your management right?) one developer coded while the other sat behind him correcting his mistakes.

So what bothered me most was having another developer watching over your shoulder as you coded. Like what the hell. How is that environment inviting to any developer? So here is my way of disgracing this habit as well as promoting it I guess.


1. Cost is way more than your ROI (Return of Investment) on any project (yes I will argue this.)

2. It is said this type (Developer Humping) of development is good for the customer. what? how does that translate?

3. Somehow Projects get done faster? (wow I could argue that all day.) This goes back to the too many cooks in the kitchen mentality.


1. Both developers learn quick and bounce ideas off of each other.

2. Micro management of developers is much easier.

So in theory if your company has the money to spend tons of money on 2 developers per cubie(cubicle for those not in cubicles) and developing for 1 web site good on you. Truly in my humble opinion Agile development should be used for large “Software” companies with budgets for multiple projects.

This is what our friends at Wikipedia had to say:

Extreme Programming (or XP) is a software engineering methodology (and a form of agile software development)[1][2][3] prescribing a set of daily stakeholder practices that embody and encourage particular XP values (below). Proponents believe that exercising these practices—traditional software engineering practices taken to so-called "extreme" levels—leads to a development process that is more responsive to customer needs ("agile") than traditional methods, while creating software of better quality.

So why do I seem against this type of development? I guess I am not all that much impressed with it. I love team development. I truly encourage it. I am not of the mind “put a developer in a closet with pizza and a coke and leave him/her be”. I however like my space and love to collaborate with my fellow developers on multiple projects.

Currently I work on multiple web sites at the same time. I like to call it the shotgun development method. I work with 2 other excellent web developers. One is front end (the famous joe) his code is second to none. Then I work with new guy Bryan (still waiting on a blog bryan) who is the C# guru. We all have our pieces of the projects we work on. This is a great work environment. Typically called the Waterfall method.

No developer humping here just straight work hard and enjoy the team work involved.


Let me know how you feel.

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