I am going to MIX08

Joe Beat me to the post. I am going to be in Las Vegas Nevada for MIX08 This year listening to Steve Balmer. I will be pulling my hair out getting all 5 projects in test before I step on the plane however It will be awesome.


  Steve and John

mix•ti•fy [micks-tuh-fahy]

— verb (used with object), -fied, -fy•ing. blings_9_25_d

1. to share with everyone you know the coolness that is MIX08!

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— Related forms mix•ti•fi•ca•tion, noun mix•ti•fied•ly, adverb mix•ti•fi•er, noun mix•ti•fy•ing•ly, adverb

— Synonyms

1. amaze, innovate, create, iterate.









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