Introducing MonoRail NHAML


It is about four months passed since Joe Stagner activated my Blog on All that time I could not make a decision how to become a new community member, because the level of some other people here so impressive, that very hard to be notable. Some time ago I found very interesting project HAML. The idea behind this project is to make markup easy to read and fun to write. It very impressed me and I decided to implement View Engine for upcoming ASP.NET MVC Framework. Unfortunately (for me of course :)), it was already implemented by this guy. Not a problem! I simply decided to port Andrew’s work to the Castle Monorail (ASP.NET MVC elder brother) and extended Andrew’s work a bit.

Here is a result of my (and Andrew) work.

  1. Full HAML support – implemented by Andrew Peters 
  1. MonoRail Layouts, Helpers, Partial Support
 MonoRail NHAML  

MonoRail NHAML

  1. Support for Macros, Parameters, Dictionaries, Rescues – you can even write c# in your View :)
   MonoRail NHAML

Source code and downloads

You can check out full code with samples form – user password – user 

Work is incomplete

There are many things that should be implemented – full test support, type cache for views, code clean up. If you are interested and want to implement such a feature – send me a patch for it :)



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  • Олтичная идея, Сергей! Скачаю и обязательно помогу, чем смогу.

  • "send me a patch" link leads to a wrong place

  • @Victor
    It's a joke :) stolen from Oren's blog.

  • @Андрей


  • It's a great news, Sergey.
    Indeed, Haml is very impressing and I'm glad that now it's available also on MonoRail.
    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Spiceba!

  • Сергей!

    Я в мае делал попытку собрать standalone версию NHaml (т.е. не привязанную к ASP.NET MVC). Споткнулся на передаче компилятору унаследованных типов и generics. Будет очень интересно посмотреть, как это сделал ты. Второй проблемой была низкая производительность подхода, основанного на CodeDom генерации. NVelocity выдавала мне те же результаты примерно в 10 раз быстрее даже с Production=true.

    К моему сожалению, поучаствовать сейчас не смогу - завален работой. В блог буду регулярно заглядывать...

  • Hi Andrew!

    Thanks for invitation.
    Unfortunately your codegen uses c# 3.0 features and it is not an option for me. I've ported your code gen to 2.0, it was simple though :)

    Or may be we introduce codegen settings?



  • Hi Mirvoda,

    I just noticed that you don't support evaling of attributes e.g. href="foo"+"bar" - Is this by design?



  • Hi Andrew,

    It is not by Design.
    The last two month has been very busy.
    I'll try to add this in a couple of days.
    Or may be you suggest something?
    I slowly moving towards to boo's code generation like in brail. Dynamic languages give more power. What do you think? Or may be write parser like in Spark?


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