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Windows Azure in your own Data Center by javarg

Max Deboli created a great post about some alternatives of Windows Azure in your own Data Center. Check it out here .
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Continuous Deployment with TFS Service and Windows Azure by javarg

Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Delivery are very hot topics in any discussion nowadays regarding development teams. Continuous Integration or CI (quoting Martin Fowler) : “Continuous Integration is a software development practice where...

TFS Build On Azure with Incremental Version Number by javarg

I’ve recently needed to create a TFS Build over Azure Web Sites and Hosted TFS with incremental build versions (changing AssemblyInfo.* files). I’ve found this excellent project in CodePlex that works with TFS 2010. So, I’ve made the following modifications...

Windows 8, Azure ACS and TFS Preview Part I by javarg

TFS Preview is another flavor of famous Developer Collaboration Solution of Microsoft on Azure (still in preview). In past opportunities I needed to integrate external solutions or extend it’s behavior by using TFS Web Services. In this post I will show...

Azure SMTP Server: Receiving Emails in Azure Storage by javarg

Here is a very very simple implementation of an SMTP Server for Windows Azure. This sample saves E-mails to storage. Remember : even when this seems relative simple, you must take into account the following: Parsing MIME is a more complicated task (specially...
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WebCast MSDN: Cómo desarrollar aplicaciones para iPhone e iPad que aprovechan Windows Azure by javarg

Join me in this interesting WebCast I will be presenting. Register here .
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Load Test in Windows Azure with Visual Studio Test Agents by javarg

Tomorrow I will be presenting “ Load Test in Windows Azure with Visual Studio Test Agents ” on MSDN. Hope to see you there. Register here .
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Webcast MSDN: Migración y construcción de aplicaciones para Windows Azure con VM Role y el modo de administración by javarg

I will participating in a new Screencast tomorrow about new Azure features requested by the community. Admin mode and VM Role. Click here to join.
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