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19 February 2004
Delivering presentation over Web Services with WSRP
I recently was asked to talk about the possibilities of implementing a WSRP consumer on the .NET platform. And suprisingly, it has very little to do with Web Services Routing Protocol. "Web Services for Remote Portlets" is the OASIS specification name and it's all about delivering presentation instead... Read More...
19 February 2004
New GotDotNet sample posted..
I've just released a new version of my DataPanel on GotDotNet. Anyone who have ever made a ASP.NET dataentry web form with a lot of textboxes for editing data in a lot of columns know it's a tiresome task. You have to set all the Text properties on load with the column values, and put updated values... Read More...
16 February 2004
Sharepoint Site Templates with MySite
Altering the template for Sharepoint MySite (SPSMSITE) is not like altering other templates, at first glance ONET.XML seems to have no effect. You have to use FrontPage for this. I've updated my article with instructions and a possible explanation. Read More...
11 February 2004
Bridge to asynchronous water
Kevin W. Hammond points out that programming asynchronous webservices (using SOAP over MSMQ) creates a mindcandy for developers used to the RPC style of SOAP over HTTP: If you want request/response semantics when using SOAP over MSMQ, you must keep in mind that the WSE 2.0 channel model actually requires... Read More...
06 February 2004
Working with Sharepoint Area Templates
My last post got too big so I cut it and a small article was the result. I've been working with Area templates the past days and I am sure there are lots left to learn. However, there are no really good resources for this (except a couple of unclear ones on msd2d.com), so I hope it might come in useful... Read More...
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05 February 2004
Difference between Sharepoint News & Listing?
I have embarked on the quest of figuring out all the namespoofing in Sharepoint Portal Server 2003. Microsoft should really have released the document "Developers.. This is what all that Sharepoint stuff it REALLY is". Todays experiment was to figure out the difference between the terms "News" used in... Read More...
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03 February 2004
Sharepoint Goodies
New Sharepoint stuff seems to popping up (for me) all the time these days. You might have seen them before but just in case. Here's the last hours results: SharePoint Products and Technologies Web Component Directory @ Microsoft Sharepoint Syndication by DevHawk (Cool stuff!) Ian Morrish blogging on... Read More...
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