Location-Based Metadata #sp2010plaintalk

This is the first post in a series of SharePoint 2010 plaintalk (#sp2010plaintalk) aimed at SharePoint professionals who are exploring features of the platform, typically to do feasibility assessments for applying platform features in projects. With every new version of the platform I tend to spend a lot of time digging through the marketing and technical content of the new features to understand what a new feature *really* does. We'll start out with a small one on Location-Based Metadata (sounds fancy doesn't it:)

The techie #sp2010plaintalk is that the: Location-based Metadata is the same as the old default value setting for list columns, only applied to SPFolder objects with a form of inheritence. This enables you to set different static default values for different folders in a document library.

Use it when: you want differentiated default values for (simple typed) columns in different folders in your doclib.

Watch out for: lookup columns which doesnt work. Managed metadata does though..

Scenarios: My initial hunch for this feature was that I might be able to use it to apply dynamic values in some way, such as tagging documents in a project doclib with a project key. Because this scenario applies to the entire doclib there is no difference to the common default value functionality.

Read moreLocation-based Metadata on MSDN, Pascals walkthrough with screenshots

That's it folks. If you have a #sp2010plaintalk experiences don't hesitate in using this template to post it on your blog:)


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