Sharing Code for user group website

I’m looking for good ideas on how to share source code for a user group web site.  We want to get more members involved in learning via the process of building it but the thought of just having a free for all with managing the code scares me!

What I’m looking for is ideally something that will integrate with Visual Studio 2005.  It would be nice if we could not have to exclude users that could only have Visual Web Developer.

Ideally it would not require check in/out from a separate application other than Visual Studio.

Anyone doing this now – any one have ideas?

We have considered gotdotnet workspaces but everyone I talk to says they have too many problems – Anybody want to convince me otherwise? 


  • SharePoint & Groove are two that are worth exploring..

  • SharePoint Portal Server (if you have the coin) or just a WSS site (free but you need to host on a W2K3 server) will work great. That's what VS2005 uses for it's Team System but the backend for the source code needs to be a SCM like the new VSS coming out with 2005. In the interim Subversion or CVS are great choices and have web interfaces that you could expose on a WSS site using the built in web parts.

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