Looks like Virtual Earth is live!

If you didn’t get a chance to play with Virtual Earth when it was up last night for testing – it appears to be back alive now.

Everyone from Scoble to Chandu who is on the Virtual Earth team has been talking about it.

If you are looking at how to create your own Virtual Earth application that leverages the power of the VE engine you might find Dr. Neil Rodyn’s site interesting ViaVirtualEarth   he has a couple of good articles on how to get you started. 

I happened to catch the late night testing last night and got to experiment with it and prototyped a Commercial Real Estate application. With any luck you might get a peak of it in the future.

Check out the Virtual Earth blog which has already jumped right to the punch line of Why would I use VE – Isn’t it just like Google Maps

The new locate me function is pretty cool – I haven’t tried the one that requires software but the IP Locate gets you close to the region your in.

Here’s my IP Locate – Where are you?


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