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  • Updater Application Block Error....Any Ideas?

    Yesterday I ran across the Updater Application Block - and thought it looked interesting.  I downloaded it and started to get it implemented on one of our applications.  Conceptually, the idea is great - and from the docs they have put a lot of work into them.

    That being said I have to admit my first attempt to get it working leaves the docs with a lot to be desired!

    While there are quick starts included they really don't give you the step by step advice on how to get it running in your application.  I think a good example that walks you through building hello world would be nice

    I thought I was almost there and it turned out the dll's distributed with the updater were not signed so I had to scamble to sign them since I was referencing them from an application that was signed. (Something for MS to think about for future versions!)

    That being said I stumbled my way through getting them integrated with the application - the quick start did help some for that with a lot of copy / paste.  Now I'm to the point it will recognize the new version - but when it attemps to download it gets the following error...

    Any Ideas?  Speaking of Bits - I think I only have a few small Bits of patience left :)

    [BITSDownloader] :
        The BITS service returned an error for the job with the ID '3af863fd-377f-4347-9367-d39e693c5e5e';
      the job's name and description are 'BITS_Files_Download_Job' and 'BITS_Files_Download_Job'. 
      The BITS service error message for this job is
      'The server has not found anything matching the requested URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).

      This job has been canceled, and the DownloaderManager will attempt it again.  If you see this error frequently, you may have a mis-configuration, or another
      administrator process/user is canceling BITS jobs.
      It is also possible that some mis-configuration of the Manifest file is causing BITS to have trouble with a source or destination path;
      be sure that all SOURCE paths are valid URLs, and that all DESTINATION paths are valid LOCAL UNC paths--__shares are not allowed__.


  • Date Validation

    Only advice I can pass along is avoid doing complex regular expressions early on Monday mornings!

    It would sure be nice if MS would include a Date Validator or add that as an option to the Regular Expression Validation in Whidbey.

    In case you don't know about the great resource for regular expressions here's a link:


  • Speaking about ADO.NET

    Welcome to 2004! I'm doing several talks early this year around ADO.NET and I'm looking for feedback on what things people would find most interesting to learn about?

    Specifically some of the topics I will be covering :

    - Multi Table Relations using Datasets

    - Merging data from multiple sources using ADO.NET

    - Column expressions and other advanced Datatable operations

    - ADO.NET and Whidbey

    So tell me what you want to hear about?

    Either reply to this entry, or e-mail me @