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  • Product Naming Help

    We are thinking about turning our issue tracker/ product definition tool into a product this year.

    One of our challenges is to decide on a name for it!

    We had been using Top 10 Bugs, as it started out primarly as an issue tracker.

    It has evolved over the last year to also include ability to define product requirements and track issues all the way though the life cycle of a product.  For example when a supported application has an exception it is transmitted to the tracker and assigned to a developer - The developer can view the exception info, and resolve the issue. 

    Names we are considering...

    Keeping “Top 10 Bugs“ even though it does more....

    “Not Just Bugs“ since it does more than just track bugs :)

    What would you call it? If we use your suggested name (that's different than above I will gladly send you a nice company shirt!)




  • Dont forget to set your name spaces on web services!

    Make rsure when you create your new webservice that you set the name space on it using the name space attribute on the class

    [WebService(Namespace=http://your url here)]

    If you don't change it before you publish it you will use

    The problem with that is if you want to change it latter it is much harder.  Now you have clients that are depedent on it and if you do change it and don't change your client you will get the following erorr:

    System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction:

    Keep that in mind next time you build a web service!


  • SouthColorado.NET User Group Meeeting tonight

    I will be speaking on ADO.NET unplugged - all about using the DataSet / DataTable.  More info on the meeting can be found at

    If you can't make it to the meeting tonight a similar talk will be done in Denver on the 23rd of this month.  More info on that user group meeting can be found at