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  • Visual Studio and C:\WINDOWS\CSC

    Ever wonder why when looking for answers one gets more questions?

    As I tried to determine why one of our machines built a project much slower than the others, in fact it seemed to pause at times.

    While I did not determine the cause yet I did discover how much I/o work the devenv process does.  IF you ever are curios download FileMon from  - its quite interesting.  I would think some of it could be optimized

    The one thing that intrigued me was C:\WINDOWS\CSC - could not tell what this was - looks like its just work space for the compiler - Any one know what this is?

    I suspect the slowdown will be network resource related some how but will leave that for another day....


  • Friendly Backup Reminder

    This is my community service announcement to remind you to backup your laptops.

    This hit home real hard last week when I was up at the MVP Summit in Seattle.

    Prior to the start we made a one day trip up to Vancouver and while there someone decided to help them self to my laptop bag inside the car.

    You can imagine my shock upon returning to not find my bag - I really wanted to believe I left it in the hotel room

    Denial was not working so we decided it was time to go dumpster digging and walk the streets.  The ironic thing is I probably would have
    paid cash on the spot to get it back if someone had it!  In the bag besides the laptop was our passports and a nice nikon digital camera.

    After about 30 minutes of driving around and not seeing the obvious - out of the corner of my eye we spotted my bag...the chase begun...

    After a couple of blocks and solicting help from a local to help me approach the crook ( I was angry not stupid enough to do it by myself!) we got the bag back

    This guy clearly was not the theif but the dummy left holding the bag.  We recovered the passports and a few other small items but all the good stuff was long gone.

    So back to my public service announcement - backup your laptops - you don't know when it will vanish. I was lucky my backup was only a few days old and I lost minimal important info.

    In case your wondering - yes I did replace it that afternoon with a Toshiba Tablet PC - I figured a new toy might ease the pain.

    The rest of the week was great - the MVP Summit was really good and I got to meet a lot of the people who I have exchanged e-mails / comments with on-line.

    So make sure you tell at least 5 people today to backup...backup...backup...oh yeah check your insurance too - turns out I was lucky it was canada if it had been France I would have been SOL - we will be adding on the “world” coverage option after this experience...but check with your company before you travel out side the US.