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XP SP 2 Tablet Changes Are Great

 It’s going on 2 weeks since I installed the latest service pack that really is an upgrade for the Tablet OS.

I really like some of the new features like the floating icon when you “pen over” a text box that allows you to quickly write text to be inserted

I think the only thing I have missed is the ability to directly write an ink comment in outlook – but I really believe that’s a setting somewhere that I just overlooked.  It’s now grayed and will not let you do a non text recognized comment…Anyone else have this?

I spent a lot more time over the last week using it in Tablet mode than I normally do and that is directly related to the enhancements in the new release.

Now if I can just find more time to finish my Tablet App for the big MS Contest!

How has everyone else’s experience been with XP SP2?

In search of good Nant article

 I’ve been playing around with doing builds with Nant, and while I got it working now I’m looking for some more advanced articles.

For example anyone know of a good article that goes through all the steps to setup a nightly build?


Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2005

Let’s help Peter – Peter and I talked about this at Tech-ed after the announcement and not including this would be the same as leaving out other critical parts of the IDE.

MS should leave the door open for other 3rd party providers to provide unit testing plug-ins but should provide one out of the box at all levels of the product.

From Peter Provost’s blog:

I want to start a blog petition. I want everyone who agrees with me to blog the following sentence:

Unit Testing support should be included with all versions of Visual Studio 2005 and not just with Team System.

Please link or trackback to this post so I can keep track of how well this works.

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