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  • VPN and Windows XP SP2

    Apparently when reading Peter’s  [Geek Noise] write-up with issues on Cisco VPN, it didn’t hit home that other vendors might have the same issue. 


    You should check with your VPN vendors if you are dependent on them for anything. 


    One of our clients uses FirePass and apparently buried in their support database you can find the following:

    Solution ID: SOL3289

    Should I use Windows XP Service Pack 2 with the FirePass Controller?


    Product: FirePass
    Version: FirePass 4.1.1 through 5.0
    Updated: 08/11/2004


    With the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2, Microsoft has changed the behavior of Windows networking components that FirePass uses on the remote workstation side. These undocumented changes will cause SSL VPN/Network Access, Terminal Services and AppTunnels to fail to initialize. FirePass users should delay installation of SP2 for XP client systems. F5 Product Development is currently developing fixes to address this new issue. Windows 2000, NT, 9X, Mac OS, and Linux Network Access, Terminal Service, and AppTunnel users connecting to FirePass 5.0 controllers are not affected.



  • Class1.cs - Anyone really use it?

    Is it just me or does it drive everyone else crazy that when you create a new project the first thing it does for you is create class1.cs or create webform1.aspx.