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  • Visual Studio 2005 Custom Controls in Toolbox

     Looks like registering custom controls on the toolbox has been improved dramatically in Visual Studio 2005!


    Prior to 2005 if you had projects in your solution that had custom controls you would still have to register them with Toolbox to get them to appear.  This also caused locking and contention issues on the output from those projects when visual studio held locks on the file.


    Now in Visual Studio 2005 when you have a project in your solution that has custom controls they appear in the toolbox without any user intervention!  This is great because now you can simply drag and drop your controls onto your pages / forms without having to deal with the old issues.  Each project that has controls adds a tab in the toolbox and then each control is listed inside that tab.


    This is a great extra incentive if you haven’t tried building a custom control to give it a try – even if you just extend one of the built-in controls to get started.


    It’s always fun exploring a new version and finding all the little fixes to things that drove you crazy in the old version!