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  • Open Letter to INETA - Scott Hanselman

    The purpose of this letter is to share my thoughts on a recent visit of Scott Hanselman to the South Colorado .NET user group this month.


    Scott visited us as part of the INETA Speakers Bureau program.  Scott was I believe our 3rd speaker from INETA since the formation of our user group.


     I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how well Scott was received by the group and the tremendous amount of positive feedback that I received.


    I honestly think that if more people knew how good the session would have been I could have doubled attendance!


    As a user group leader, users are not shy about offering criticism on things they don’t like.  While certainly we hear the positive comments as well they are usually not as free flowing from the members.


    After Scott’s presentation, I can’t tell you the number of members that expressed their feeling that he did an excellent job presenting and keeping the group engaged. 


    I would have to agree with that and also I saw the same feedback consistently on the user feedback sheets turned in.


    While all of our speakers from INETA were great, Scott just stood out a little more and I felt he should get recognition for that.


    I also want to continue to express our thanks for INETA providing the speakers to our group – this is by far in my opinion is the biggest impact that INETA provides to our user group.




    David Yack, .NET MVP

    User Group Leader – South Colorado .NET




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