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November 2004 - Posts

.NET 2.0 New Stopwatch Class

Ok – lets all confess how many times we have all coded some variety of a stop watch, many times it just a cobbled together DateTime.Now and a few TimeSpans to figure out the delta. 

.NET 2.0 introduces a new Stopwatch class in the System.Diagnostics namespace.


SOA: Just Marketing Hype?

Check out  Rocky , Grady Booch’s  and Ambrose’s recent posts regarding SOA.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks SOA is being hyped as a brand new concept when in reality some forms of it has been around for years.  I think what’s important  is that now all of a sudden more and more people are “getting” it, although I think we may swing the pendulum too far for a while. 

What do you think - will we find the right mix between true Architecture and Too much hype?

Creating Blank Solutions in Visual Studio 2005 - NOT!

 I thought that this menu option just got lost but then finally I decided by now it should have found it’s way back by the October beta.  I finally did some searches on the Feedback center and found that according to a MS Program manager that is by design because they don’t know how people use it.

Am I really the only one that used that feature?  We use it all the time in cases where you have a large number of projects in your solution and for whatever reason you need to bring in existing projects.  I hate the idea that either you have to create the solution file by hand or create a dummy project just to accomplish this because MS is afraid that beginning users won’t know what to do with the feature and will get confused.

Do we need “Advanced Menus” that allow non beginning users to have more options without creating confusion?

Oh and I forgot my other favorite reason for using this feature – when the old solution file got corrupted and you had to start a new one…Let me guess VS 2005 won’t have that problem (sigh….)

Anyway if this type of feature interests you add you two cents in the Feedback Center under Suggestion ID #  FDBK13554

ClickOnce Experiments

 Finally had a chance this weekend to play around with the Click Once capability in Visual Studio 2005.

It’s really cool to be able to publish from VS2005 and have it automagicly  create the virtual on the target web server and setup to serve a page to allow users to download the application.  I’m sure that action will catch some users off guard.  It almost seems like it should prompt you before creating a new virtual.

If you’re like me and only look at the read me after things don’t work you will realize that on Windows Sever 2003 you will need to manually add mime types for .Application and one other extension so all the magic happens – otherwise you will get a 404 error code when you click the install button.

I also got to play with the MAGE utility (Manifest Generation and Editing Tool) there’s a workaround that if you don’t plug in your company name when you install the O/S the publisher in the manifest is blank and reportedly causes a failed deploy.  You can access MAGE from the VS command line.

I tried installing the application on a box that already had an older version of the framework and it got upset because I was trying to install an application that required a newer version.  Knowing you have a problem is the first step, its recovery of telling me there was a problem can use more work.

On a clean machine without the framework it downloads the redistribution files and tries to update to .NET 2.0 before installing the application.  Looks like on this machine it will require a reboot – so with that note I’m going to conclude this post!

Keith Brown Talks Security Tonight @ South Colorado .NET

Join Keith Brown  tonight at the South Colorado .NET User Group meeting in Colorado Springs for a Free-form talk on security.

Free-form talk on security. bring your questions!

A night of security for developers - come bring your questions and
curiosities and help lead the direction Keith will go in this free format talk on security for developers.

Food and Networking will start at 5:30pm and the meeting will begin at 6pm. We typically finish up by 8:15-8:30. Food this month is from Red Hot and Blue.

See the group’s website for more info.

Live from DevConnections

Last night the DevConnections conference kicked off in Las Vegas with keynotes by Scott Guthrie and Tom Rizzo

Tom did a quick overview of all the new stuff coming out with SQL 2005 and did a few demos of the new capabilities.

The gambling started early as Tom got an audience member to bet $10 that a using a SQL Server TSQL capability to split a string column would be faster than using the new CLR hosting.  The CLR version outperformed the TSQL flavor and I think highlights that there are going to be some interesting times that we see the CLR capability in SQL Server shine. 

Tom also did a demo of the new Report Builder that is under development to go along with Reporting Services that would allow an end user (Definition Pending in my opinion) build a report that is based on Report services – and later that report definition will be able to be imported into Visual Studio.

I was impressed with the list of internal use the Microsoft is already doing with SQL 2005 – they have several of their large SQL databases using the new version. 

Scott did his usual great job of building a web app in 30 minutes with Visual Web Developer and highlighted a lot of the new features.  I think every time I see scott do his demo’s I pickup one or two more tricks. 

Both Scott and Tom had similar stories about release times –  Beta 2 of ASP/NET and Beta 3 of SQL will be Q1 2005 and RTM will be summer of 2005

After the keynotes everyone hit the expo for drinks an desert.  If your at DevConnections drop by the community area in the expo and chat with the speakers and MVP’s that are at the show.  I will be there from 12:30 – 2:30 on Tuesday.

I will try to post more updates later – but for now I have to go figure out which sessions I will attend since I’m not speaking today.


Provide your 2 cents Now!

 I’m speaking next week at SQL Connections in Las Vegas.  I’m interested in everyone’s 2 cents with respect to things that they would like the Database Professional (AKA DBA, Data Architect etc. ) to understand about .NET

Post your feedback of items you think I should share with them about .NET 1.x and 2.x that would promote building better applications.

What do the database people at your company do that drives you nuts?

If you could share one thing with all DBA’s about .NET what would it be?

Post your comments here or send it to me via my contact link.

I will be adding a “Blog Feedback:” slide and giving credit to those who provide input that is used!

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