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  • INETA Winter Warmup Box and thanks Programmer's Paradise

    I have to second Julia’s post on thanking INETA and all the vendors that helped put together the box of good stuff sent out to all the INETA user groups to give away at the meetings.


    Support like this and the support we receive from our other sponsors really helps keep the groups going and successful.




    My INETA Winter Warmup arrived today. Dave Totzke did some hell of a job getting vendors to contribute. Here is a list of all of the vendors who contributed stuff. But I wanted to say an extra thanks to Programmer's Paradise. They also made an incredible donation. They packaged and shipped the mailing. Not only was it packed like a pro, but think about the fact that this went to all of the user groups in North America. That's about 250 groups. That's 250 boxes to pack and 250 * ?? for shipping each box. At least $5/box right? This is a huge contribution. So thank you SO VERY MUCH to everyone at Programmer's Paradise!