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MGM v. Grokster not just about file sharing

 MGM v. Grokster is set to be heard by the Supreme Court at the end of March.

On the surface this appears to be just another battle of Napster, and the various entertainment companies v. p2p file sharing companies. The reality is it has the possibility for setting broader precedence in terms of how certain technologies will evolve, or for that matter develop at all in the future.

Electronic Frontier Foundation is defending Streamcast, who is the company behind the p2p file sharing software Morpheus, and has a good amount of the case documents posted here if your interested.

What do you think – how liable should technology developers / providers be for the actions their users / licensors of there products?

Both sides pose some interesting perspectives on the concept of vicarious liability that make you do some interesting thinking about the technologies and other products we all use today.


eBay charity auction for Tsunami Relief - bid on .NET expertise

Have you bid on the EBay Charity Auction yet?  I just added our name to the list – Even if your not sure what you would do with the hour, I figure we will give it the our User Group as a door prize.  I think it’s great to see the community effort to raise some funds!  Click Here to look at the auction on EBay.

This is a supreme example of how the .NET technical community is pooling in their talents for the Tsunami Relief effort - an eBay auction for .NET development expertise.

[via Julia's DataFarm Blog]

[Weblogs @ ASP.NET]

Denver .NET User Group Tomorrow Night

Steve Milroy will be presenting at the Denver Visual Studio .NET User Group on Building .NET Solutions for Office System. 

If your around the Denver Area tomorrow Monday stop by!

Monday, January 24, 2005, 5:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m.,Networking and Refreshments start 5:30 p.m.
Microsoft, Rocky Mountain (Denver), Directions and Maps
4643 S. Ulster St. (7th Floor), Denver, CO 80237

     Explore with Steve the new Office 2003 features that leverage .NET including InfoPath 2003, Smart Docs, Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) and Information Bridge Framework (IBF). We will look at solution scenarios and how to get started building .NET solutions for Office System.

 Office 2003 has a number of exciting new features that leverage .NET to enable powerful enterprise solutions. These features enable solutions involving forms automation, document automation, workflow and integration with SharePoint and enterprise systems.






Vote on this Whidbey Bug: How to create a Tray Icon (NotifyIcon) with WinForms 2.0

Help Scott get this bug into Whidbey! This is one I ran into late last year as well.  I put my vote in….Did you? Help us all out and vote to get this omission fixed in Whidbey.

 [ - Scott Hanselman's Weblog]

Whatisplaying1While Tray Icons (and applications that use ONLY TrayIcons as their UI) are a major part of our lives, there's limited support in WinForms (2.0) for them without resorting to P/Invoke and vestigial MainForms who only call this.Hide().

NotifyIcon should be extended to support BalloonHelp. Hans Blomme's now-famous extended version of NotifyIcon is the canonical example. It still works under 2.0, but the 2.0 addition of the ContextMenuStrip makes it a little tricky. His free stuff could be integrated into the 2.0 NotifyIcon easily, adding a powerful (and missing) feature to 2.0 WinForms. Additionally, there should be a way for a Form to startup hidden to avoid the flash of the form before it calls this.Hide(), deferring to it's NotifyIcon.

Help us all out and vote to get this omission fixed in Whidbey.


VS2005 Startup - Choose your environment settings - Do I have to?

 VS2005 now asks you the first time you run it to pick your “default environment settings”  among the choices are C#, VB,  and Web Development along with a handful of other ones.

I always struggle with this choice each time; I want to pick “C#” + “Web Development”

I really wanted to just hold down the control key and select both (Yes, I tried it did not work!)

So maybe it’s just me but the more I see this choice (yes I have installed too many beta versions to see it this many times)  the more I think is this dialog just going to confuse users?

Should it be clearer about what the choice you are making is?

What do you think?

Vote For MSBuild to target 1.1 framework

 Looks like a effort is underway to get Microsoft’s attention to have MSBuild support 1.1.  I personally have been of the opinion that I don’t see any reason not to do this and I think it’s too bad it hasn’t happened already.

By having support for 1.1 it will make it much easier for customers to get their feet wet prior to converting to 2.0.  As much as we all wish all our clients will convert to 2.0 the day it arrives – we all know that’s not the reality.

Take a minute and register your vote!

Click here to view the issue on Feedback Center and register your vote!

Oh and did I mention Happy New Year J

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