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Speaking @ Denver .NET User Group Tongiht

I will be giving my Whirl Wind Tour of ADO.NET and SQL 2005 talk tonight at the Denver Visual Studio User Group – if you are in the area drop by!

Click here for event details  

BizTalk - Creation of Adapter File Configuration Store failed

 So a while back I had re-installed BizTalk and thought I was in the clear till I ran the ConfigFramework and got stuck on the following error:

Creation of Adapter FILE Configuration Store entries failed.  Access is denied

After a couple quick searches I put it aside till I had more patients to deal with it.  Did I mention that error message is terrible?

Anyway turns out to be an SP2 issue and here’s a link describing the fix.  This is a painful one to figure out on your own so the more times it’s found in the search result the better! 

This caused me to think (uh oh!) So why is it that a version downloaded in the last month does not include this workaround already? 

Furthermore, I was thinking that now that MS has refined there patch process it’s long past time to get patches back into the base product.  For example there’s no reason that if you install XP from a MSDN disk today you should have to apply 30+ patches to it.  I really also think this is critical to getting more systems patched and up do date,  Not to mention I hate the process of patch patch patch….

Anyone else think the base products should get all the patches rolled up into it more often?

Sun's Marketing Team has too much time on their hands!

 I had a friend pass these along – clearly Sun’s Marketing team joins the I have too much time and money to know what to do club.

The first one is a spoof on the MS and Sun settlement

Ok dude, check out these URL's.  And turn up the sound...

South Colorado .NET Meets Tonight

I will be speaking tonight on ADO.NET and SQL 2005 if you are in the area stop by – meeting info follows:



Whirl Wind Tour of ADO.NET 2.0 and SQL 2005

Are you ready for .NET 2.0 and developing applications for SQL Server 2005? Join David Yack as he provides a whirl wind tour of the new features of ADO.NET and SQL Server 2005. During the meeting we will drill into some of the key features and demonstrate and discuss how they can be used in your applications. David will also discuss tips for getting involved now using the Beta versions to ensure you are ready to take advantage of the new features when they launch next year.


Our Sponsor this month is Compassion International

We'd like to thank them for their contribution to the group.

Meeting at Mountain View Elementary School

10095 Lexington Drive
Colorado Springs 80920

MVE is located in the Pine Creek area of the Springs and right next door to Challenger Middle School.


Invite for another user group

CSSQLUG Monthly Meeting

Date and Time: February 8th 6:30pm

Location: Pikes Peak Library - Ruth Holley Branch Get Map

Topic: This month Eric Johnson (DBA - Premiere Global Service) will be discussing the SQL Server Health and History Tool (SQLH2).





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