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  • Grokster Wrap up

     Today the Supreme Court heard arguments in the Grokster case – attendance apparently looked more like a sleep over waiting for concert tickets.

  • Too much .NET can make you brain dead

    I spent most of today preparing for a half day session tomorrow on ASP.NET.  It was fun to take the opportunity to spend a good amount of time exploring.  I have spent a good amount of time on the beta’s but recently I have been able to devote significantly more time to them.

  • VS2005 - Generate Change Script

     It’s always fun when you just stumble upon a new feature.  This morning I found in Server Explorer if you are editing a table definition that there is a button in the toolbox labeled Generate Change Script.  Since I’m way to curios to not push it I did and to my surprise popped up a dialog with the necessary database script to effect the change I was making to the table.