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Sharing Code for user group website

I’m looking for good ideas on how to share source code for a user group web site.  We want to get more members involved in learning via the process of building it but the thought of just having a free for all with managing the code scares me!

What I’m looking for is ideally something that will integrate with Visual Studio 2005.  It would be nice if we could not have to exclude users that could only have Visual Web Developer.

Ideally it would not require check in/out from a separate application other than Visual Studio.

Anyone doing this now – any one have ideas?

We have considered gotdotnet workspaces but everyone I talk to says they have too many problems – Anybody want to convince me otherwise? 

SouthColorado.NET User Group tonight!

 Wow, April flew by and we are already to our May user group meeting.

Jeff Rhodes on Dynamically Creating JavaScript and Other ASP.NET Tips and Tricks

Dynamically Creating JavaScript and Other ASP.NET Tips and Tricks

This session will look at how you can use JavaScript to reduce postbacks as well as create user interactions. Better yet, it will show you how to add only the JavaScript you need for a particular page design. Along the way, we'll also examine tips & tricks like creating a "soccer team schedule" web site, saving your page to Word or Excel, adding properties and events to user controls, play media, loading content from a database, and more.

More info at

See everyone at the meeting!

Beta 2 ASP.NET Project References - Where are they?

 Help I have lost my mind again….In 1.x applications you can see the references your project has via solution explorer and even drill down to properties on the reference and remove it.

In 2.x beta 2 you can do the same for non web site projects but it seems as though they are MIA for ASP.NET sites.

I opened a Feedback  Ticket quite some time ago, and they just marked it resolved as review for next release

Am I the only one that can’t find the references on web site projects? 

Am I the only one that looks at references all the time to see what they are / remove them and likes to know what a site is dependent on?

View the ticket here

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