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Teach yourself WPF in 5 days...
Karsten has a great post on learning WPF in five days.  This isn’t a go to Dallas for trianing, this is a how to use the resources online to learn WPF.  Check it out here.
Avoiding ASP.NET 2.0 Conversion Gotchas

One of my last few posts talked about a gotcha that occurs when converting web projects that had files that were no longer in the project file but still in the project folder.

After exchanging e-mails with Scott he pointed out a couple of things I thought were worth mentioning.  First, in the RTM release (which just got uploaded to MSDN recently!) the migration wizard will list all the files found in the directory that were excluded or not part of  the projects.  You can find this in the ConversionReport.txt file.

The even better news is that an update to the migration wizard  (based on all the latest feedback the ASP.NET team has received) is in the works.  The updated version as I understand it will attempt to exclude those files by marking them as excluded in the converted folder.  In case you haven’t seen in ASP.NET 2.0 Sites if you mark a file excluded it actually renames it by adding an excluded extension to the file.  This is done because there is no longer a project file to maintain that information.  It’s also important to understand that excluded files do get checked into source control.

The continuous improvement that has been seen in the migration wizard over the last year, and the fact that attention is still there to make it better is great! 

Widbey Blast - Fort Collins Colorado - October 3rd

I will be up in Fort Collins, Colorado on October 3rd speaking at Widbey Blast which is sure to be a full day of good stuff all for free!  Last I heard it was filling up so if you want to go I would hury up and get registered!

There are two tracks - a fundamentals and an advanced track.  I’m doing the ASP.NET talk in the advanced track - so if your going and have specific things you want to hear about - drop me an email or a comment! I will be in good company that day with Don Kiely, Keith Brown, Kathleen Dollard, Doug Gregory and Tim Colton. 

You can find out more info and register for the event here Widbey Blast Web Site

Looks like a busy week coming up, 2 days of giving a training event in Denver, MVP Summit in Redmond and back to Fort Collins for this event.  Come to think of it this last month has kind of been like that! 

Go Live updated to include Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite, RC

Looks like today the Go Live was updated to include Team Suite, RC. 

You can find the full Go Live details at or the amendment
for current Go Live users at which is dated as of today!



VS2005 Template Parameters

One of the cool features of Visual Studio is the ability to do project and item templates.  Prior to these it used to be a real pain to package up your best practices. 

Scott G recently posted on using them with ASP.NET you can find that here

Buried in one of his comments is the link to this MSDN page that has a wealth of information on the parameters that are exposed for use on the template pages.

Using the template capability is a great way to promote consistency across your team.

Rob Howard and Free Copy of Code Smith

Do you need any other excuse to visit Colorado Springs?

Read the full details here

Changes to ASP.NET 2.0 from Beta2-->RTM

 The following is from Brian Goldfarb’s post about changes between beta 2 – Keep the info coming knowing these types of things can really help the early adopters move on to RTM quickly!

It is time to start preparing for the RTM of ASP.NET 2.0 and in order to do that I've had the team prepare a great paper that outlines the major changes that we've made since Beta 2.  Find it here:

Next week, we will be posting detailed API x API changes since Beta2 which should help give even more insight.  I hope you find this useful

Looks like Virtual Earth is live!

If you didn’t get a chance to play with Virtual Earth when it was up last night for testing – it appears to be back alive now.

Everyone from Scoble to Chandu who is on the Virtual Earth team has been talking about it.

If you are looking at how to create your own Virtual Earth application that leverages the power of the VE engine you might find Dr. Neil Rodyn’s site interesting ViaVirtualEarth   he has a couple of good articles on how to get you started. 

I happened to catch the late night testing last night and got to experiment with it and prototyped a Commercial Real Estate application. With any luck you might get a peak of it in the future.

Check out the Virtual Earth blog which has already jumped right to the punch line of Why would I use VE – Isn’t it just like Google Maps

The new locate me function is pretty cool – I haven’t tried the one that requires software but the IP Locate gets you close to the region your in.

Here’s my IP Locate – Where are you?


What language should book samples use?

 I figured this would be a great way to start off the week with a little debate and energized discussion!

If you’re writing technology books about .NET you really can’t avoid the question of what language to do you use for the code samples?

Read more and share your opinion here now!



Sharing Code for user group website

I’m looking for good ideas on how to share source code for a user group web site.  We want to get more members involved in learning via the process of building it but the thought of just having a free for all with managing the code scares me!

What I’m looking for is ideally something that will integrate with Visual Studio 2005.  It would be nice if we could not have to exclude users that could only have Visual Web Developer.

Ideally it would not require check in/out from a separate application other than Visual Studio.

Anyone doing this now – any one have ideas?

We have considered gotdotnet workspaces but everyone I talk to says they have too many problems – Anybody want to convince me otherwise? 

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