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Very cool DataGrid for Ajax.NET by Michael Schwarz

I got some requests for a DataGrid on the client-side JavaScript. On my own I create small HTML tables either by using the DOM or a simply string. I found one cool control that can be used with the Ajax.NET library: ActiveWidgets Grid . This control can...

Using NameSpaces in JavaScript by Michael Schwarz

For those of you still working with the problem of same variable names in JavaScript. Why don't use namespaces on the client, too? On my working library I have added this feature and some namespace-related methods to all my JavaScript files: <script...

BorgWorX - The Open Source development platform for Ajax.NET by Michael Schwarz

Christian Hubinger has updated the Wiki at . You will find detailed information how you can get a license to use the Ajax.NET library in your projects. Also, Christian has added a info how you can become a BorgWorX developer to...

Ajax.NET Support by Michael Schwarz

The first AJAX enabled library for Microsoft .NET (Ajax.NET) is about 5 months old, now. The large acceptance has killed my inbox and I have still about 130 unread emails. Sorry, but I need more time to answer all your emails. If you have only quick questions...

Ajax.NET Professional - what are you missing? by Michael Schwarz

As I wrote on one of my last blogs I'm working on a new AJAX library for .NET. There are a lot of AJAX JavaScript libraries available, and I will have a look on those who are interesting for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Maybe you have one that is very...

Ajax.NET - Key Benefits and Ideas by Michael Schwarz

I have published my internal slides about the key benefits of the Ajax.NET library . The ideas depend on the feedback I got from developers around the world. Also I will point to the ASP.NET Podcast Show #11: Intro to Ajax and the Ajax.NET Library (MP3...

Download Ajax.NET source code, now! by Michael Schwarz

Update: Have a look at Ajax.NET Professional at . The Web site of BorgWorX is not available any more. The source code is now available at SediSys. You can download the source code of the Ajax.NET library with any SVN client (...
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What is AJAX? And why we (don't) use AJAX... by Michael Schwarz

I read the blog from Wallace What is AJAX ? Yes, what is AJAX and why do we want to use AJAX? We have to use AJAX because everyone is talking about it! We have to use AJAX because big companies (Google, Amazo, Microsoft) are using AJAX! We have to use...

AJAX and the Search Engine Problems by Michael Schwarz

There are already thousands of web sites using AJAX or similar techniques. One problem all of them have is the point that web crawlers will only search for HREF, SRC or some other link tags. I never saw a web crawler that is searching for AJAX JavaScript...

Ajax.NET Source Code moved to SediSys by Michael Schwarz

Since the day before yesterday SediSys ( ) is the new owner of the source code for the Ajax.NET library. SediSys will make the source code be available as an Open Source Project. Hopefully we can make the Ajax.NET library together...
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