New Examples and Tutorials

During the last days I have added some new tutorials and examples to my list. Dave Campbell sent me a short message that he has already a kind of Silverlight examples collection. Have a look on his list of Silverlight tagged articles he wrote and external Silverlight examples as well.

There is starting a new series of Silverlight JavaScript Tutorial. The first article is about how to add Silverlight to a Web page.

Rob Conery did his Day 2 article about how to create a data-driven control in Silverlight.


Silverlight Features

Tim Sneath writes on his blog about that Silverlight isn't just about presentation and that there are enough that link Silverlight always with user interface developing. Yes, I thought the same already, everybody is thinking about UI. UI with XAML is only a small part of the great features that Silverlight offers.

Brad Abrams posted a new PhotoViewer application which supports great UI features like panning an dzooming effects, but he also added FileUpload and Networking to his example (incl. source code).

Scott Wisniewski from the Visual Basic Team wrotes about the difference between VB 9, VBx and Silverlight.


Webcast Follow Up

Those who have attended to the Silverlight webcast on 6th June: here are the links to download the quickstart examples from Marc.

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