The Future of .NET Reflector (from Lutz Roeder)

Red Gate will be responsible for the future development of .NET Reflector, the popular tool authored by Lutz Roeder. I’m very happy to read that Red Gate will offer this tool for free to the community. Lutz did a great job and the feedback from developers around the world brings up this tool to the top 10 tools for .NET developers.

Use Reflector if you need to:

  • Explore .NET assemblies in an easy-to-understand, natural way
  • Understand the relationships between classes and methods
  • Find where types are instantiated and exposed
  • Check that your code has been correctly obfuscated before release
  • …or if you have lost your source code and have still the DLL/EXE (well, that was one reason I was very happy that .NET Reflector exists)

At you’ll find more than 30 add-ins for .NET Reflector. My favorite one is the FileDisassembler from Denis Bauer.

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