How many months are there in a year ?

Silly question, but interesting if you are writing a program  and you want to return the months based on the culture of the user.

Instead of having to hand code all the month names all you have to do is write the following piece of code:

string[] _monthNames = System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo.CurrentInfo.MonthNames;

so question is what is the length of _monthNames ?

You would expect 12 as there are normally 12 months in the year, but you would be wrong it is 13 !!

_monthNames[12] returns a blank string.

This is great if you are simply using _monthNames as a look for the names of the month but a bit of pain if you use it as the data source of a combo box.

I assume there must be cultures out there which have 13 months but why isn't the return string array dimensioned based on the current culture ?


  • Martin did not question the fact, but the "why". And it is not made clear in the documentation, why there are always 13 months.

  • why are there 12 months in a year

  • Answer the qestion how many months are there in a year???

  • I really need to know so please answer the question how many months are in a year could someone please tell me?

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  • how can you not know how many months there are in a year...

    OBVIOUSLY 12.. check your calender!

  • Okaii so theres 12 months in all =/


  • Achim,

    Jewish ppl have a cycle so it adds on a extra month

  • Omg to much typing im not reading it and 12 check ur calendar DUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH

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  • i guess there are 12 months a year but sory i'm not completely sure. !!!!!!!!!!

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  • ya 12 months i hav eno idea how they got 13 but who cares

  • there are 13 'actual months' in a year if you conclude that a month=29 or 30 days. (A month=30.4368499 days). A 7 day week=28 days per month which falls short of the 30 day mark. However, when referring to the Gregorian calendar, there are twelve labelled months in a year.

  • as to my statement above, i meant 30 or 31 days in each month.

  • I have heard before christ there was 13 months somewhere?Does anyone know of this?What was the name of the month and the star sign?How old does this make us,does our age change by adding an extra month to our year.Is there any information about this?

  • There are 12 months in a year in the present time .... but the world that we live in is so supersticious that we have removed one of them.. I'm not sure what year or when but we had 13 months one's in the past.

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