Embedding Gecko(Mozilla rendering engine) in a .Net application

Over the weekend I had some spare time, so I thought  I wonder if you can use the Mozilla rendering engine(Gecko) within a .Net application as easily as you can IE ? This could be important in areas where people have concerns about using IE. It turns out it is as simple as a download, add COM component to the toolbar and if required adding a reference to the project. Even the intereface has been modelled on the IE model to make it simple to use. It is of cause unmanaged code but it works.

Visit Adam Lock's website  http://www.iol.ie/~locka/mozilla/mozilla.htm and download the Mozilla 1.71 Active X Control Installer.

Once you have downloaded run it and will install the files you need and register the control. Now all you have to do is add the control to the toolbar in Visual Studio, using the add/remove Items| COM Components. It is listed as the Mozilla Browser class.

You can now drag the control on to a form as you would any other control. You can use the navigate method on the control to display a given url. In fact the api of the control is the same as the IE api, which makes life very easy.



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