It is not what you know but the people you know

For the first time in my career I am having to look for a new job because of a change in the strategy of the company where I work means that my skills are no longer required. It is a scary situation as the IT market is still a difficult one.

One of things that you soon realise is how important your friends can be and how they provide you with information about jobs you would not otherwise hear about. So often people working in IT forget how important an active social life can be. I act in the amateur theatre which is great as it takes me away from the computer screen, proves I can work in a team with people from different backgrounds and temperaments. It also provides a strong social network and many leads for possible jobs.

I think in IT we often forget that while technology skills are important in the end the soft skills can be the deciding factor. Even if you are safe in a job always continue building that social network and of course, though, in some ways it obvious, make sure you keep your resume(cv) up to date and ready at hand. If the contents of your CV are still the same after a year, what have you being doing, are you still learning or have you stagnated ?

If anyone is looking for someone in Switzerland with strong .Net skills as well as consulting and team leadership skills, I think I have the skills you are looking for. Also I speak fluent German. Please contact me and I can send you my resume(cv). Just use the link on the weblog to contact me.

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