Confused..Office xml format, Metro and XAML?

Last few days before I start my new job and I think I am getting a little confused.

So I have an office document and I can save it as XML. If I print it, in the future, it will be converted into "Metro" format. In addition there is "XAML" which is a another way of serialising objects so why couldn't "XAML" have been used.. Why do I need so many different XML formats ?

If I send a document to a user on a different platform it seems that "Metro" would be the correct format to send it in as it is meant to be format that is readable on other platforms.

So if I am in office in the future what format will I save the document, at the moment it looks like a confusing set of options. Also as Wallace B. McClure points out in this posting it is vital that "Metro" is also implemented on legacy platforms otherwise there will be an almighty mess.

I am sure that this will become clearer soon but at the moment it does seem confusing and a lot of overlapping functionality


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