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  • The danger of not keeping your domain information up to date

    I had an interesting experience over the weekend. Since 1998 I have owned my own domain and use the web site mainly for development purposes as well as for my email. Naturally, I have already had to renewed my domain once. Well the problem is that when I registered the domain I was living in a different apartment and I had a different email address. Stupidly I had forgotten to update the domain owner information at Network Solutions which meant that I never received any email or snail mail to indicate that my domain registration was about to expire.

  • A new start

    It is always a strange experience when you start something new.After being a reader of many web logs I decided that it was about time that I started writing one. First of all, thanks to Scott for providing me with my new soapbox. He really has done a great job of putting together an ASP.NET web logging solution.

    I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is Martin Spedding, I am English but I have lived for the last 14 years in Basel, Switzerland. I have been working in the IT industry as a developer, consultant and manager for the last 18 years, so I can still remember paper tape and computer memory being measured in Kb rather than Mb. It also means I been through the mainframe to minicomputer to personal computer revolutions as well as both ups and the downs in the industry

    have developed in Java and with the Visual Development tools from Microsoft,. This included many enjoyable years of Visual Basic development. It was great fun for me to show people how much you could achieve with a tool that was often derided as being a “toy language”. So when it came to development with the .Net framework I was clearly faced with a choice: should I learn VB.NET or C#. As my last project had been in Java it really was a simple choice C#. Though I had really enjoyed coding in VB it just did not make much sense to me to develop in VB.NET as it tries to be C# but with twice the amount of typing. I was at the Orlando PDC in 2000 where Microsoft announced .Net and I remember having a heated discussion with the VB.NET team saying that in many ways they had killed classic VB and that VB.NET was certainly not VB 7. Sadly looking at all the traffic I see on the Internet it looks like many other people have noticed the problems I saw with VB.NET.