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  • User Experience talk at the PDC and Hillel Cooperman's blog

    I just went to excellent presentation about building “software that users would love”. It was a great overview of where we are as developers tend to confuse or even insult the users of our applications. It was not a talk that gave answers to how you can solve the problem of having to support total novices and at the same time giving power users what they want. The Hillel Cooperman who presented the session was excellent and it was on the best set of presentations slides  I have seen in term of presenting concepts.

  • Looking at Longhorn (WinFx) from a business point of view

    Another very interesting day at the PDC. I went to a number of different sessions across a wide range of subjects. I decided that it is important to get a taste of all the different subjects being discussed at the PDC. As always what I have really enjoyed the stimulating conversations you have with people from Microsoft and other attendees at the PDC .

  • Potential problem installing Longhorn on Virtual PC 2004

    I was talking to one of Microsoft guys at the Longhorn booth and it sounds like Longhorn can install under Virtual PC but instead of being a short install it will probably last hours !!! I wonder if anyone has been sucessful in  installing it on Virtual PC and what configuration they used.

  • How do we build client software in a Service Orientated world ?

    I have built a data abstraction layer which allows me through the use of configuartion files to decide whether the data source is sql server, odbc or oleDb or xml. I use parameterized xslt transforms as my xml equivalent of stored procedure. It is all working very well and could be easily extended to retrieve data and transform it different sources such as web services, message queues etc. I was discussing on this on IM and made the statement that of course adding asynchronous data sources would require no change to my presentation code. Everything is separated into layers so the presentation layer has no clue about which data source or transformation technique is being used.

  • Character set problems when combining an ASP.NET project and a Dreamweaver template

    I have been developing a web site which is mainly html but also contains an ASP.NET application. The template for the site was created in Dreamweaver and the application in Visual Studio. The web site is in German so contains lots of umlauts. I noticed a really weird problem. Everything was OK until I looked at the index.aspx web page and all the umlauts were being shown as "?" etc. I looked at the meta tags in both the ASP.NET web page and the html pages and they were identical :

  • Nature of blogging, community and dotNetWeblogs

    I was reading the posts from Eli Robillard, Randy Holloway and the reference Randy gave to Cameron Purdy . This made me think about the meaning of teams, community and the purpose of blogging. I find dotNetWeblogs a community and not a set of yes men or robots who follow a party line. You do find critcal comments here. You do see people wanting changes to products. It is a group people who have varying interest in .Net but also have lives outside IT, which they also reflect in their blogs.