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Interesting article on Dev - Longhorn and Mozilla: Birds of a Feather

I noticed this interesting article on the DevX web site comparing Longhorn and Mozilla.:

Longhorn and Mozilla: Birds of a Feather
Windows Longhorn is a demonstrably powerful and ambitious concept, but the architectural principles are hardly new. From 10,000 feet, Mozilla's architecture looks remarkably similar.  

Check out my new blog :

A new blog...not a new start but a continuation

For many months I have been writing a blog on dotNetWeblogs ( solely about .Net related subjects. However,  like Julia and Don I felt it was time to start a new blog which would allow me the freedom to talk about many other subjects that I also find interesting.

You can find my new blog at and the rss feed is

I hope people who have read my blog in the past will read the new blog and continue to write interesting comments.

Thanks to Scott for creating such a great tool in .Text and a "virtual community" on And thanks to my friend Clemens for building on the Blogx to create dasBlog the blogging engine behind my new weblog.

Naturally, I will continue to cross post .Net posts to

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